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Raymond Murphy on “English Grammar in Use”: Your “Bible” really! 1

An interesting video-interview of Raymond Murphy, the “father” of “English Grammar in Use” which demonstrates, if needs be, why this book should be by your bedside…
Your Bible really!
If you are interested in English Learning that is…



Raymond Murphy on English Grammar in Use

Raymond Murphy is author of the world’s best-selling grammar books for learners of English. This interview, a world first, was filmed by Cambridge University…

Verb Form Charts 1

Below is an excellent article by  (pictured right) from the website (a great resource for English learners!) which will help you get a clearer picture of English Tenses:

Verb form charts can help give you a comparison of different tenses.
Here are a number of resources that will help you improve your understanding of how verbs are used in a different tenses:

  • Verb Formation Chart – Quick explanation of each tense, followed by examples and links to more detailed information.
  • Visual Guide to Tenses – Each tense is shown visually on a timeline to indicate when to use the tense
  • Tense in English – Simple explanations of each tense, with examples – perfect for beginners
  • Verb Types – Discussion of how verbs can be used in various patterns including the infinitive and gerund
  • One Page Verb Overview – One page chart that shows all the tenses of English on a timeline

How to Conjugate Verbs made simple! 1

Kenneth Beare

This is an excellent article by  (picture right), from the website, making Verb Conjugating really simple:

Deciding on the right conjugation can be confusing. This guide on how to conjugate verbs provides a clear six step process to help. Here’s a quick overview of the process with helpful articles for each step of the way:

Put all the steps together with the how to conjugate verbs worksheet, and you’ll find conjugating much easier.

Advanced English Grammar: Phrasal Verbs 1

English phrasal verbs come in many shapes and sizes.

Typically, they’re a verb and preposition combination which, when combined, changes the meaning of the main verb into something else.

Most students of English find them difficult because sometimes the idiomatic uses either make no sense at all, or the meaning change is so drastic that even a good guesser has no idea what they mean.

Sometimes we call them two part verbs, three part verbs, or multi-word verbs.

Whatever you call them, you should know some basic truths regarding phrasal verb usage. is a good place to start to improve your knowledge of English Phrasal Verbs. Use the menu on the left of the website to explore various aspects of Phrasal Verbs.

Advanced English Grammar and Prepositions 1

Learning prepositions can cause many difficulties for learners of the English language.

It does help to learn what prepositions are — and how they are used — but more importantly, you need to know the word combinations that you’ll find them in.

It’s a fact, some words just go together and all you can do is learn them ‘by heart.’

There are no specific reasons why— well, at least not obvious ones — and students often find this particular item of the English language difficult to master. is a good place to improve your knowledge of English Prepositions.  Use the Menu on the left of the website to learn about various aspects of Prepositions (amongst other things!).

Happy learning!

The Grammar Challenge… on BBC Learning English 1

Grammar ChallengeWelcome to Grammar Challenge, the programme where the BBC helps language learners use tricky grammatical structures.Every programme is downloadable as an mp3 and features an expert commentary on that week’s grammar. The website contains fun interactive quizzes, grammar tables and an area for you to practise your written English. Check it out!

LDD-SOFT: Logiciels de Langues gratuits

English FlagLDD-SOFT est un site qui a pour objectif de créer des logiciels de langues et de les offrir gratuitement à ceux qui désirent se perfectionner en Néerlandais, Anglais ou Allemand.Interfaces du site et des logiciels sont en Français  pour permetre à tous de les utiliser sans problèmes. Cliquer ici pour infos!