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American Accent Training (on Videos) with Pronunciation Meg 1

A great YouTube Channel to improve on Pronunciation and get some tips on exams such as the IELTS.

About American Accent Training on Videos, Meg says:

“I may not have a fancy camera or good jokes but all of my material is original and appropriate for advanced levels of English.
Although I focus on pronunciation in my videos, I have also served an IELTS examiner and know the exam well enough to give you some tips every now and then.
Send me your questions about English and thanks for watching!”

English with Jennifer: a YouTube Channel for English Learners 1

Some of the best English Learning Videos are on this Channel.

Whether you’re currently enrolled in a language program or not, take advantage of free online instruction from an experienced teacher.
The lessons will introduce new content to some and serve as a review for others.There are nearly 200 videos on this Channel.

You can also visit Jennifer’s web site at:

The is a complete list of the YouTube Videos here.

engVid: Free English Video Lessons 1