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“Plan LANGUES” sur Classic 21

Check out Classic 21’s web site!
This is one of Belgium’s better radio station…

Monday to Friday, at 2.45pm and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, at 9pm, the station plays a song in English and gives simultaneously the translation of the lyrics in French…Really cool!

Check out this week’s song HERE and make sure you have a look at the archives as well

Learning Materials

Travel adventure — 11 English Dialogs with Exercises plus Q&A

«A travel adventure» is an exciting book for learners of the English language. It was written by Sandra Marttinen, an experienced ESL professional who has created a large number of ESL materials. “A Travel Adventure” consists of 11 episodes, each of which contains dialogues, a glossary, open questions and a cloze test. Take the journey of a lifetime!

A day in the life of… — 6 Reading Comprehension Lessons with Exercises plus Q&A

«A day in the life of…» was specially written for intermediate students of English as a second language, and each story contains passages in dialogue which are suitable for acting out. Words and expressions that may present difficulty are listed in a glossary at the end of each story. There is a wide range of exercise material and answers are provided at the end of the book.

Breaking News: nothing like it! 1

There’s nothing like reading to improve your English. And, as a journalist, I’d say there’s nothing like breaking news for interesting content.

It’s too easy these days -with the Web- to have the world at your finger tips! Try this for a start: its’, one of the most respected News outfit in the Western world.

Happy reading!

English Next, By David Graddol

English Next was commissioned by the British Council and written by researcher David Graddol – a British applied linguist, well known as a writer, broadcaster, researcher and consultant on issues relating to global English.

The report draws attention to the extraordinary speed of change to issues affecting English identified in the 1997 publication: The Future of English?

The new report argues that we are already in a very new kind of environment and a new phase in the global development of English. What are the new rules and who will be the winners and who will be the losers? In this new study David Graddol suggests some of the answers by analysing demographic and economic trends in the Twenty First Century which affect Global English and the language policies worldwide and will influence its future.

Read English Next (1.89MB – PDF) and find out why global English may mean the end of English as a foreign language.

Test again?

Online English tests are fun and can give an indication of your ability.
The British Council offers these tests on Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening and Reading.
When you finish each of these tests, your scores will be reported in terms of a broad scale: elementary to upper intermediate. Check out your level HERE.

Free Music online 1

Free music on JamendoDo you love to discover, listen to, and download new music on-line?
Check out Jamendo here:
It’s a new concept that allows musicians to upload their music to Jamendo. The public can then listen to and freely and legally download new music…
It’s awesome!
Check it out, and “Open your ears”, as they say.