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Grammar goes mobile!

The new way to access the best-selling grammar “English Grammar in Use”, offering all the content from the Fourth Edition book and CD-ROM.

Learners can puchase a 12-month renewable subscritption that allows access to the material whereever there is an inernet connection. Subscriptions can be bought in bookshops or online.

To purchase online and to access a free trial, visit

English with Jennifer: a YouTube Channel for English Learners 1

Some of the best English Learning Videos are on this Channel.

Whether you’re currently enrolled in a language program or not, take advantage of free online instruction from an experienced teacher.
The lessons will introduce new content to some and serve as a review for others.There are nearly 200 videos on this Channel.

You can also visit Jennifer’s web site at:

The is a complete list of the YouTube Videos here.

engVid: Free English Video Lessons 1

Vous vivez en Wallonie? Essayez!

Wallangues est une initiative de la Wallonie permettant à tous ses résidents de se former en néerlandais, anglais, français et allemand gratuitement et simplement.

Grâce à Wallangues, vous aurez la possibilité d’apprendre une ou plusieurs langues ou d’en approfondir la connaissance, où vous voulez, quand vous voulez, depuis n’importe quel ordinateur connecté à Internet. Wallangues s’adresse à tous les niveaux : du débutant complet aux niveaux avancés.

Poursuivez votre visite de Wallangues en consultant les pages suivantes si vous souhaitez :

Excellente visite sur Wallangues et bon apprentissage des langues grâce à la Wallonie !

L’équipe Wallangues.

Try it out and let us know what you feel about this excellent initiative! 


Busuu! Learn English online for free! 1 is an online community of people who love learning languages. The busuu website contains materials for people learning English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Russian. There are interactive language courses and lessons, and opportunities to practice your language skills with other members of the busuu community. You can join free.

And, best of all,  there is a special Listen to English group on busuu where you can discuss and write about the topics in Listen to English podcasts and other language material.

A completely FREE site to help you learn and improve your English…Includes Level Tests, Lessons, Exercises, Forums, Games, etc; The interface is written in French, which might help beginners…

Check it out HERE!

How-To’s….Great tips on “how to….” 1

How to...?“How-To’s” are great tips on the BBC on “how to…discuss, conversation, ask the time, instructions, explanations and advice, requests, offers and invitations, good news, bad news, complaints, apologies and excuses, hello and goodbye, etc; Check it out, it’s really worthwhile!

The Grammar Challenge… on BBC Learning English 1

Grammar ChallengeWelcome to Grammar Challenge, the programme where the BBC helps language learners use tricky grammatical structures.Every programme is downloadable as an mp3 and features an expert commentary on that week’s grammar. The website contains fun interactive quizzes, grammar tables and an area for you to practise your written English. Check it out!

LDD-SOFT: Logiciels de Langues gratuits

English FlagLDD-SOFT est un site qui a pour objectif de créer des logiciels de langues et de les offrir gratuitement à ceux qui désirent se perfectionner en Néerlandais, Anglais ou Allemand.Interfaces du site et des logiciels sont en Français  pour permetre à tous de les utiliser sans problèmes. Cliquer ici pour infos!