Learning Materials

Travel adventure — 11 English Dialogs with Exercises plus Q&A

«A travel adventure» is an exciting book for learners of the English language. It was written by Sandra Marttinen, an experienced ESL professional who has created a large number of ESL materials. “A Travel Adventure” consists of 11 episodes, each of which contains dialogues, a glossary, open questions and a cloze test. Take the journey of a lifetime!

A day in the life of… — 6 Reading Comprehension Lessons with Exercises plus Q&A

«A day in the life of…» was specially written for intermediate students of English as a second language, and each story contains passages in dialogue which are suitable for acting out. Words and expressions that may present difficulty are listed in a glossary at the end of each story. There is a wide range of exercise material and answers are provided at the end of the book.

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