Vocabulary: The Oxford 3000 Wordlist

Which words should students learn to succeed in English?

Discover the power of the Oxford 3000 Wordlist...

Discover the power of the Oxford 3000 Wordlist…

Patrick White, Head of Dictionaries and Reference Grammar in the English Language Teaching Division of Oxford University Press explains why students ask this question, and what might be the answer.

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Words are a source of endless fascination.

Ask a hundred people what their favourite word is, or which words irritate them the most, and you’ll get a hundred different answers and some very strong opinions. Ask them which words they believe a learner needs to know and you’ll soon feel confused and overwhelmed by the diversity of the answers.
As language teachers, we are naturally curious about words that we encounter for the first time, and the way words change their meaning. We like finding opportunities to use words and expressions we have recently learned. But it takes time and effort to learn new words, so it’s not surprising that students ask for guidance.
This brochure introduces a resource which, we believe, helps to answer that question. The resource is the Oxford 3000, a list of the 3000 words that students really need to know in English. Created in collaboration with teachers and language experts, the Oxford 3000 words are included in most of our dictionaries, including the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. The Oxford 3000 is also incorporated into course books such as Q Skills, Aim High and our new course for adult learners, Navigate.


In the following Brochure you’ll find out exactly what the Oxford 3000 is, how it was researched and compiled, and – most importantly – how it helps learners.

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