TOEIC Practice Session

TOEIC TourBefore going any further with the TOEIC Practice, make sure you have read the previous posting.

Now we are going to look at some examples from each section. When you are first learning about the TOEIC it is helpful to read the listening sections. Later, when you are familiar with the structure, you will want to practise with a tape or CD.

For this practice session, any words that you see in red are words you would hear on a recording in the real test. Any words you see in blue are words you would read in your test booklet.

*Make sure to read the explanatory answers for each example, even if you answer a question correctly. Explanatory answers identify common distractors (wrong answers) and reasons why an answer is correct or incorrect.

When you have finished the examples, read these 20 TOEIC Tips.

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