This website is excellent for on-line English language pronunciation practice with minimal pairs and Instant Sound. Just click on the words/minimal pairs to hear them.


HOW to use Shiporsheep:

Shiporsheeep uses a well-known language teaching device known as minimal pair practice to teach English speech sounds. This technique helps learners to distinguish between two different sounds by presenting two words which sound identical apart from the pair of sounds concerned.

Shiporsheep uses a patented technique allowing learners to hear words spoken instantly and naturally simply by mousing over them – no ‘click-and-wait’ is needed.

To use Shiporsheep, choose a page, click on it to open it, then mouse over each pair of words to hear the difference in pronunciation. Listen to each word & repeat it several times. If your computer has a microphone, you can record your own voice and compare it with the original, using Microsoft Sound Recorder (Go to Start – Programs – Accessories – Entertainment – Sound Recorder)

To use Shiporsheep, your computer must have sound, and Flash must be installed. Flash is installed on almost all computers, but if it isn’t, you can install it here.

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